A level playing field.


Litigation is a measure of last resort.  Employment disputes are best resolved quickly, before costs have escalated.

If litigation is needed, however, our firm will provide aggressive representation to ensure that we recover the full value of your case, in either a settlement or jury verdict.  Our attorneys will take employment litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will pay our firm a fee only if we win your case.

In contingency cases, our fee is a percentage of the overall settlement or jury verdict.  As with any of our services, the fee agreement will be fully disclosed in writing before our firm accepts representation.

Our attorneys will also help manage and control litigation costs to minimize expenses without sacrificing a tactical advantage or jeopardizing the merits of your case.

You will be in good hands with our firm.  We are tough negotiators during mediation and settlement discussions.  And our attorney's exhibit the legal writing and oral advocacy skills that has long been the hallmark of successful trial attorneys.